New Art Prints From Drowning Creek Studio (Onsale Info)

Jeff Wood fans, rejoice, The Faded Line Clothing Co. will release two brand new art prints by Drowning Creek Studio today.  The first is “Dose”, a collaboration with the almighty Stanley Mouse.  The second is “Zone”, a collaboration with photographer Jay Blakesberg.  They are both 15″ x 22″ screenprints with editions of 250 and 225, respectively.  They will go up today (Friday, June 5th) at 2pm Mountain Time.  Oh, one last thing, all clothing is 25% off right now as well.  Visit

3 Responses to “New Art Prints From Drowning Creek Studio (Onsale Info)”

  1. will someone please put a law against beating the horse to death. I don’t even understand what these ‘artists’ are thinking recycling the same thing again and again….to me it seems as though they believe it is the only way they can sell a print. probably true.

  2. Please enough!!!! Is this for real….come up with an original idea instead of riding the curtails. Did obey release these images…this would make more sense…and I would have the same response to Shep…the original images done this way were cool i.e. Obama but let’s stop with the obvious recycled trash…………………….

  3. i have always loved that Stanley Mouse image.

    This might be my first mouse print, although i would rather try to get a blotter print cheap.

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