“Isolated Metronomes” Art Print by Tara McPherson

Looks like Tara McPherson has a new art print up.  “Isolated Metronomes” is a 22″ x 26″ giclee, has an edition of 100, and is $250.  With such a striking image, plus such a large size, I’d say that price is justified.  Visit TaraMcPherson.com.

Via Creep Machine.

9 Responses to ““Isolated Metronomes” Art Print by Tara McPherson”

  1. yet another nice one. im still on the price is not justified tip, but hate me if yunt. maybe i can provoke andydouche to lash out again! fight the power!

  2. Ageed, another very nice print, cant swing the cost though

  3. sold out so you dont have to worry about it!

  4. i agree as well. love the print– easily my favorite of hers that I’ve seen, but that’s just too much $$$.

  5. @patrick, this print looks to be in no way sold out…where did you see that?

    I do have another question, though. This is, no doubt, a gorgeous print, and I acknowledge its enormity, but I don’t understand the pricing. What makes this “worth” $250 when it’s the same size and edition size of many other prints on this site? Is it her popularity or the technique involved or something that else that I’m missing?

    I wish I could afford this.

  6. There are a lot of things that make something worth the money. But basically, it’s who, what, where, when, why, and how many? unless I’m crazy.

  7. it wasnt on the site. now its back up though

  8. I think it’s the high quality of her prints. They look amazing in person. That being said, there are many pieces that are featured on this site that come close to quality, or are screenprinted, and are a fraction of this price. I probably won’t ever buy one of her prints because of the price, but nice score for the people who have them.

  9. archer,

    the technique is probably the first aspect you need to differentiate to understand what you’re looking at. This is a giclee in comparison to the vast majority of the stuff posted on here which are screenprints. It’s far from rare I’d say to have artists of Tara’s caliber to have giclees of this size and run at this price ; Audrey Kawasaki, Sylvia Ji, Josh Keyes and many others.
    Tara giclees are among the best you’ll find on the market. They look incredible in the flesh. I would like to be pointed out towards stuff that come close to the quality of these that really are a fraction of the price…

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