Brian Vander Ark Poster by Kevin Tong

This is a cool print with an even cooler story.  A poster collector named Jeremy Advocat commissioned Kevin Tong to make this poster for a Brian Vander Ark (frontman of The Verve Pipe) performance in his own home.  The entire event was for the American Cancer Society, and 50% of the proceeds from the poster sales will be donated there as well.  This is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 50, and is only $20.  Pick one up at

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  1. Thanks to MItch and all those who have purchased for the support!

  2. Sup playas?
    Not to draw attention away from OMG, but I blogged about this poster as well. When you’re done viewing OMG and all it’s sponsors and links, please take a second to see my blog for additional photos and they back story relating to the Small Stakes.
    Thanks gu-
    wait, someone’s at the door. Oh hi Mitch, what are you doing here? Wait, no, please stop hitting me! I didn’t mean to use your blog to advertise my blog, no please, not the face, not the face! No wait, that’s my drawing hand. Mitch!!!!

  3. I should probably give you all the URL to my blog so you don’t have to dig around my site for it.

  4. nice work Kevin. Definitely caught the simplicity of the tour.

    these are printed on chipboard and shipped flat?!?!?! niiiiiiiiice!!

  5. just got it!!! thx alot. this thing is killer in person.

    i love the paper its on!! nice and thick chipboard stock.

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