“Japanese Pattern 2” Art Prints by Shepard Fairey (Onsale Info)

By now you should know the routine, so I won’t elaborate too much about this one.  Shepard Fairey and Obey Giant will drop a new set of pattern prints sometime today.  “Japanese Pattern 2″ consists of three different 18″ x 18” screenprints, each limited to only 75.  They will go up today (Tuesday, June 2nd) at a random time.  Visit ObeyGiant.com.

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  1. Back to the good stuff after his last outing.

    This is going to be a wasted day – these are flippable.
    Good luck brave F5’vers.

  2. The same old tired thing. yyyyyaaaaaaaawwwwwwnnnnn

    He is making bank on the stupidity of “art lovers”

    flip this shizzle

  3. FYI: Fairey uses these pattern prints as wallpaper elements in his large installation pieces. That’s why on their own, these particular prints look a bit boring and repetitive to some.

    I unfortunately cannot as easily explain his awful looking JohnnyCash and Paul McCartney prints :-X

    On a positive note… his Peace Bomber Offset (signed, open edition) print can still be had for $35.

  4. just not interested in his prints lately, last one i bought was a couple months ago, the obey eye print…

  5. Getting as much mileage as he can out of this car before he trades it in…

  6. Omg i still love fairey, cmon u cant diss him for everything…. I HAVE TO ADMIT THOUGH, his recent images including this one here, ARE BORING!! He recycles everything which works both ways (which sux because its recycled imagery, and rocks when the image is dope and so is the color scheme.) I F***ING love most of his older stuff, and the only reason he got to where he is today is because of THOSE images, and the following of individuals who made those images transparent to the rest of the art world. THEN the OBAMA HOPE thing goes out of control, everybody in the world knows about him, and you cant buy a print (unless its not that compelling of an image (guerilla one, paul mccartney, johnny cash, mfg collab, immigration prints, etc.) So heres what everyone should do now, stop buying the new stuff, because that’s reserved for the flippers and the new fans willing to spend a sh*t load of money on ebay for them and drive the demand and price up.. I love that ppl dont get this, WE determine how much prints are worth by how much WE are willing to pay for them, anyone that has been to first grade understands this is the most bottom line basics of supply/demand economics.

    I (being an artist, but one of no great substance) understand that when u constantly need to create “new” things for the world, the first place u look is the past, your own portfolio. Shepard just made it easy by taking those same images it took him a sh*t load of time making earlier in his career and recycling and collaging them into his new works. Which happen to be the most compelling and successful prints because they draw on the nostalgia of those older successful images. Just look at the newest iconic prints of this year for fairey 20 year retro sets and prints were ALL recycled images, all he did was redo the color scheme and print them up again, sign em all and sell 75 sets for $2000!!! isreal/palestine, peace elephant, the japanese flower sets, etc.

    So to all the old school fans, keep bitching about the new prints and the inability to acquire ANY prints from obeygiant.com and purchase all the old prints u like from expressobeans.com members (who know the value of prints, and HOW TO KEEP EM SAFE AND SHIP THEM SAFE TO YOU!!) and if you feel compelled, try to get the images you want from OBEY, although u probably wont because most people who really like shepard and know his work, and have an eye for his best stuff will grab it instantly!!

    Like the guy said above the peace bomber is still available 24×36 open edition. I have one, it looks amazing… So grab one cause its big, cheap, signed by fairey, and although its an open edition SH*T LOADS of people will not take care of them, damage them, and deem them worthless soon enough. So who knows, sometime u may even be able to flip those..

    Ranted enough, sry its early and im on a tangent..


  7. yeah you’re right these suck

  8. ugh, i will give it a try!

  9. sold out in minutes…..

  10. Junk.


  11. Same BS like always site crashes blah..blah..blah.. cart is empty after paypal …fuq’n sucks

  12. Dear DMSRabbit,



  13. Whats TLDR ?

  14. TLDR => “Too Long, Didn’t Read”

  15. I like the signed Peace Bomber better than any of these pattern prints. Easy to acquire, affordable, signed, big, looks great on the wall. What more could one want?

  16. Talent, perhaps.


  17. Peace Bomber signed open edition…

    Shipping cost:



  18. horrible ..

  19. i can’t believe people buy this crap

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