New Art Prints by The Little Friends of Printmaking

I decided to check in on Milwaukee’s Little Friends of Printmaking, and I noticed they have some great new art prints for sale.  If you’re not already buying their stuff, now is a good time to start.  All the info is below, see these and a ton more at their Etsy Shop.


12.5″ x 19″ Screenprint, Edition of 50, $25:


19″ x 25″ Screenprint, Edition of 100, $25:


Framed 3.25″ x 5.25″ Screenprint, Edition of 50, $20:

5 Responses to “New Art Prints by The Little Friends of Printmaking”

  1. Really? I mean they could have changed the colors at least….

  2. That is certainly interesting.

  3. while i agree they look similar, knowing Little Friends i would guess its more just a case of similar ideas/coincidence. the idea of a wiener dog stretching all over the place goes back to those old disney cartoons, dogs running around corners while their hind legs stayed in place etc.

    little friends are pretty original peoples, so chances are, just similar tastes/ideas as the mighty draplin.

    great new prints btw.

  4. It happens all the time. Joint consciousness arriving to a similar idea. I just thought it was funny that I could actually remember seeing that before. People have used dogs in art before. Not me though, I can’t draw dogs.

    I hope to come off not so serious on here, sorry about that.

  5. I fuckin hate those kinda dogs, but I’m down with anything Little Friends. Nice stuff!

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