Exclusive: David D’Andrea’s Hand Painted Black Moth Super Rainbow Poster

David D’Andrea got ultra-ambitious with his poster for last night’s sold out Black Moth Super Rainbow and School of Seven Bells show in San Francisco.  He first laid down a random split fountain, switching the colors every 10 prints or so.  Next, he applied a layer of spraypaint, totally random, around 5 colors on each print.  For the last step, he printed the blackline over the top.  It is 16″ x 24″ with an edition of 100.  Every print is completely unique.  These will be for sale soon, I’ll keep you posted.  Until then, enjoy the pictures!

4 Responses to “Exclusive: David D’Andrea’s Hand Painted Black Moth Super Rainbow Poster”

  1. awesome

  2. wow…. great detail as usual and what a process..

  3. D’Andrea rules

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