New Concert Posters by The Silent Giants

Michigan design collective The Silent Giants have some new posters for sale.  The new stuff includes prints for Fleet Foxes, Mogwai, and Taking Back Sunday.  As usual, these are all hand-printed 18″ x 24″ screenprints, have tiny editions (only 15 TBS for sale!), and are only $20-$25 each.  Can’t wait to see where these guys go from here.  Visit the Silent Giants Store.

5 Responses to “New Concert Posters by The Silent Giants”

  1. The “Fleet Foxes” poster is truly great!!!! WOW!!!

  2. Pops nicely.

  3. I’m still pissed I didn’t grab the Animal Collective print at the show. Epic fail.

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  5. […] New Concert Posters by The Silent Giants […]

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