20% Off Everything at Mondotees!!

Oooof, forgot to post this over the weekend, but hopefully the Mondo people will let it roll for another day or so.  As of right now, everything at Mondotees is 20% off.  If you’ve been waiting to grab a movie poster or t-shirt, now is the time.  Just use promo code “DEALZ” to receive the discount.  Visit Mondotees.com.

I thought I would bump this up for the last day.  The promo code is now “OMGRULZ” and will be good till tomorrow night (Wednesday).  Don’t sleep!!

3 Responses to “20% Off Everything at Mondotees!!”

  1. bummer dude, apparently they aint feelin that. the coupon no longer works!!!!!!!!!! so guess im not buying the 100 bucks worth of shit in my cart! dang it mondotees, dont be lame!

  2. Hmm, you’re right, I’ll shoot them an email now and see if they’ll let it run through the next day or so. Try it again in a bit.

  3. right on, that seemed to do the trick. thanks dudes!

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