Tonight’s Tiny Showcase Print: Andy Kehoe

These are the Tiny Showcase releases you wait for.  Tonight they will release their third print by blog favorite Andy Kehoe.  As usual, it will be a small giclee with an edition of 100.  TS prints go up on Tuesday at 7:30pm EST.  Visit

Tiny Showcase doesn’t preview their prints.  Here are the last two Mr. Kehoe did for them:

12 Responses to “Tonight’s Tiny Showcase Print: Andy Kehoe”

  1. Amazing print my favorite from his new show

  2. score


  4. woohoo. a little bit of andy kehoe awesomeness will be winging it’s way down under.

  5. First Kehoe for me, but pretty stoked.

  6. First Tiny Showcase print, first Andy Kehoe print. I’m pretty satisfied with the whole deal.

  7. Love Kehoe, but not sad that I missed out on this.

  8. Very sad that I missed out on this—one of my favorite from the JLG show!

  9. What a nice surprise, always happy to see a new Kehoe print.

  10. I’m not even a big fan of Andy’s work (although I respect his talent), and I love this one. My first Kehoe. : )

  11. yeah he’s cool. i caint go for super small prints tho this might be the science. my loss, someones gain

  12. Andy’s work reminds me of the childrens book Where the Wild Things Are, which was by far my most cherished book as a kid. I first saw his artwork on the cover of Wolftron’s album and i just had to see more of his works. They are spectacular and I must say i’m his biggest fan ha ha.

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