Shipping Tutorial by Kevin Tong

The ever-ambitious Kevin Tong put together a video and blog post teaching you flippers, artists, dealers, etc how to properly ship a poster.  Learn something at

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  1. So the answer is to get your man-friend to come over at 4am and do it for you…Thanks Kevin! Please ship your man-friend over here.

    Um…that came out wrong.

  2. AWESOME to see how my order got packed. and yes, i am the guy from austria (oberwoelbling) who ordered test print #12 and the regular…. can’t wait to have them in hands.
    thanks to kevin and ryan!

  3. i’m going to go visit mosca!

  4. Fun Fact! Its this Ryan Milner –

  5. Hey folks, I hope you all found that helpful. You’re very welcome Mosca, glad to help you out. Ryan and I have been friends for a long time, we were even in art classes together. There are a few artists that have been on OMG that I went to class with actually, hmmmm.

    Please use this info for good, not evil.

  6. ha ha, nice vid kevin. hope those uline tubes hold up for ya.
    i had to make the switch to yazoo after 5 uline tubes got destroyed, damaging the prints inside.

  7. Cool vid, thanks!
    In re this subject, i wish more artists/sellers would send email notifications with tracking info when print/poster is shipped. It helps both the customer and artist.

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