Exclusive: Aaron Horkey’s Flight of the Conchords Poster

Here it finally is, a poster that has been really, really hard for me to keep under wraps.  Aaron Horkey killed this one for last night’s Flight of the Conchords show in LA.  It’s a 17.5″ x 32.5″ screenprint with metallic ink.  There are two versions:  The main version and a variant (edition of around 50).  If you missed the copies at the show, both should be available eventually through Burlesque Design.  I’ll keep you updated on the release, until then, enjoy!!

17 Responses to “Exclusive: Aaron Horkey’s Flight of the Conchords Poster”

  1. amazing!

  2. yep

  3. Wow, wow, wow.


  4. wowzers! stoked to see who did berkeley’s tour closer…. just missed the horkey!

  5. zomg

  6. What E said.

  7. kiwi! outstanding!

  8. As soon as you think the bar couldn’t be raised any higher, BLAMM-O! Man, is Horkey rulin’.

  9. this is boss.

  10. yeah, this is really, really good. horkey seriously must be the most patient man alive. look at that detail.

  11. Once again, killllllllls it.

  12. amazing.

  13. This is (IMO) the best Horkey since Cable 1 and that’s really saying something. AWESOME!

  14. Gorgeous!

  15. Just noticed the old school Penny-farthing leaning against the tree; too cool

  16. Wow, AWESOME!

    Does anyone know if there is a poster available for the Berkeley show? I can’t seem to find one and would like one.

  17. […] love Aaron Horkey’s amazing line work. His Flight of the Conchords poster was pretty stellar too. I’m going to have to jump on this one when it’s available. […]

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