Two New Art Prints by Alex Pardee

Noone does it better, scarier, or grosser than Alex Pardee.  He’s got two new art prints out, both will scare the kids.  “Theodore RooseFelt” and “Veronica Pickles” are both 16″ x 20″ giclees, have editions of 50, and are $60 each (or $100 for both).  Get over to

17 Responses to “Two New Art Prints by Alex Pardee”

  1. Perfect for the nursery.

  2. hahaha haven you really hit the nail on the head!

  3. Hey just in a bit ago bast print at pow.

  4. I’m scared for my life

  5. im more angry than scared!!!!!!! raaaaaaaaarrrr!!!!!!!!!

  6. SIQ!

  7. got ’em both. pardee’s work and zerofriend’s printing never disappoints.

  8. seriously, who buys this guy’s stuff?

  9. i love pardees stuff his giclee’s are sic

  10. What sort of looks do you get when you turn this over to get framed at a shop?


  11. at ed:

    scared looks. VERY scared looks.

    i love his work.

  12. well, to each their own.

    i bet it has the ability to grab a person

  13. No need for a framer, these fit perfect into an IKEA standrad matted frame. Pardee is a super talented illustrater. Shame many can’t see past the physchotic and demented subject matter.

  14. I love his work.

  15. How exactly is one supposed to look past the psychotic and demented subject matter?

    “Ooh, look at the gorgeous shading on the Teddy creature’s jowls!”

  16. The man definitely has talent, but it seems like the stuff a molested child would draw.

  17. Are u speaking from experience?

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