Our Newest Sponsor: Douze.de

Man, what an awesome site to come on board as a sponsor.  If you don’t know, Douze is the online presence of Lars P. Krause, a seriously talented poster artist from Germany.  He draws and prints everything by hand, really beautiful stuff.  They are currently running a “buy two, get one free” special, so now’s a good time to check them out.  If you’re from outside the US, be sure to click the little English flag in the top left.  Visit Douze.de.

3 Responses to “Our Newest Sponsor: Douze.de”

  1. We noticed. The button almost gave 60% of us seizures.


  2. oh yes, there are not all entries in english yet, but we will translate all in the next few days…

  3. haha, Delta

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