New Flight of the Conchords Posters by Daniel Danger and Tyler Stout

As the FOTC poster series stretches on, some really exciting images are coming in.  Here are first peeks at Daniel Danger’s poster for Phoenix and Tyler Stout’s poster for Portland.  Both will be available on each artist’s respective website soon, I will of course keep you updated.  Until then, enjoy!!!

31 Responses to “New Flight of the Conchords Posters by Daniel Danger and Tyler Stout”

  1. They’re gorgeous.

  2. Wow…Tyler’s rules. I love how he incorporated the “license to ill” design but made it original.

  3. Man, what a thrill ride.

  4. Mitch, fantastic job on setting up this series, everyone in it has turned in great prints, and these last three, including Guy’s, have really kicked it up a notch.

  5. My two favorite of the series, nice job guys

  6. tylers one is insane!! .. they both are

  7. top-shelf stuff here.

  8. cool looking posters. I have to ask though, why are so many posts on this site about FOTC posters now? Seems like every 3 posts is one.

  9. The best 2 thus far, by a mile.

  10. Tyler’s is pretty awesome.

  11. The DD one looks a lot like a Tong poster, both in its colour scheme and content. All of which means it looks good.

  12. DD’s looks exactly like his own style…

  13. Shapps, I believe the easy answer would be that the OMG admin curated the posters on this tour, as well as Mogwai and the Grails…However, the correct answer is that these are great bands, done by awesome artists. That said, I’m still surprised that at least three of the original Stout FOTC posters are available.

  14. Wow, really liking both of these.

  15. Shapps: Yes, I did indeed curate the FOTC series, but that is only part of the reason they have been covered. The bigger reason is many of the biggest names in posters have been doing them. If Tyler, Daniel, Guy, Klausen, etc did any other poster, it would have/has been covered here.

  16. bannon came and went without omgposters

  17. I know, I’m bummed, been waiting on that one forever. See what happens when I sleep?

  18. holy cow, these are truly amazing. T.Stout is the best

  19. Both are stunning!!!!

  20. funny part was when i was nearing the end of the print, i thought ‘man, this green is pretty tong lookin…’, but i decided not to worry about it much because the illustration style is really different and its not like its my first muted green print. then of course after i sent it off to the printer i went and checked out his site for the first time to see if he ever really used that green and instead saw that he did a similar ice cream truck idea a while back, and i slapped my forehead, but it was way too past the point of being able to change it. but once again, not my/his/anyones first print where text on a truck was changed. either way, dude rules. also, tyler showed me up.

  21. here I was hoping Mitch would slip and tell us a few more names of artists doing this series :( lol

  22. Umm dd, your print still owns.

  23. Yeah, it is awesome, I didn’t mean anything in a negative way. I want one, baaaaad. When are they going to be up, I always seem to miss DD releases, can you mail out notice? Nice.

  24. Join both DD’s and Tyler’s mailing lists.

  25. @DD: Where be the ghosts?


  26. i got new material, you should try the same.

    OH SNAP.

  27. Hahaha!!! That was classic.

  28. Ahh… face!

  29. uh…..why is there an Australian flag on the crashed concord?

  30. That’s the New Zealand flag, tom. Piecing it together?

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