“Johnny Cash: A Heartbeat And A Guitar” Art Print by Shepard Fairey (Onsale Info)

Shepard Fairey created the cover for Antonino D’Ambrosio’s book, “A Heartbeat and a Guitar”, so he has decided to release an art print with the same image.  This one is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 450, and will be $50.  They will go up tomorrow (Tuesday, May 19th) at a random time.  Visit ObeyGiant.com.

42 Responses to ““Johnny Cash: A Heartbeat And A Guitar” Art Print by Shepard Fairey (Onsale Info)”

  1. Go ahead people, waste a Tuesday!

  2. ahahaha

  3. It seems that Fairey has lost all creativity. This is so bland,dull, and lame. Very boring. Thr face does not match the body

  4. its almost like his work now is just a photoshop filter that he runs a photo through.

    not a fan.

  5. I wonder who is going to give the first positive feedback on this piece of crap

  6. I think it is AWESOME!!!

    …not, the head is weirded out.

  7. POO POO

  8. I just had a go at a black and white photo using live trace and a couple of clipping masks in Illustrator. It wasn’t too far from this. It’s pretty easy to do, you’d just have to mess around with the tracing options a bit, maybe do a little cleaning up.

    Johnny Cash is ace though…can’t argue with that.

  9. Love johnny cash but this print …ummm ugh sucks

  10. with all do respect to Cash… his face looks retarded. Kinda like one of those dudes from “How’s Your News”

    I pass!!!!!!!!

  11. Frankenstein

  12. Yep Dumpytron 4000

  13. almost as bad as the paul mccartney print! it will still sell out with in an hour

  14. Horrible.


  15. love johnny cash… the book sounds cool, wish i could be on board with the print

  16. It looks like the work of a college student trying to rip off shep’s style. Plus I hate it when he or others take commercial work and then turn it into “fine art”.

  17. anyone listen to this? Street artist Phantom calling out Shep to a DEATH MATCH? Very interesting audio clip from Phantoms interview with KPFK 90.7 fm Los Angeles. He brings up some very interesting stuff… I most deff recommend that everyone listens to this interview and watches the visuals.


  18. Someone please explain what is going on with the lower left side of his body

  19. the lower left side of his body is experiencing the effects of years of prescription drug abuse, and this is also why his face is extremely deformed.

  20. Horrible….

  21. Damn, this thread is brutal. Like Daddy Welfare said above, listen to that audio stuff…pretty interesting. Phantom basically points out that shep steals all his photos and re-creates them to make them his own. Side by side comparisons during the radio broadcast.

  22. Deng thats Crazy how he called him out like that. he does have a very Valid point- has me thinkin

  23. That guy is just whoring himself and trying to create his own publicity machine. He’s also a horrible street artist with nothing to add to the art world.
    I’m referring to Phantom, BTW.

    Why you guys would fall for that shi*t is beyond me.

  24. What is there to fall for? Are you saying Shep doesn’t steal other’s people’s photos and recreates them? Don’t think to this very day Shep has taken a photo himself and used it.

  25. fairey is just another version of pdiddy. i mean folks are always going to hate whenever someone comes up because they want the same notoriety, but give the man some respect since he did put his own twist on the prints he produced. yeah his art is going for mega loot now, but when he started no one really cared if he was reproducing art copied from other political movements.

    give credit where it’s due is all i’m saying. fairey is smart. he got the media on his work and now he’s well respected, even people that don’t mess with art knows the obama poster he did. with that said people shouldn’t hate on him because he thought up a better marketing plan than rebel/street artist. he exposed himself to the masses and now he’s on top. so like what 50cent said “And if they hate then let them hate and watch the money pile up”.

  26. shepard fairey copies photos??????? what the?!?!?!

    c’mon, thats old news.

    who cares.

    buy it, if you like it, not to flip it. save us all a bunch of hassle.

  27. @wass

    in case you didn’t notice, none of those comments are on the matter of “success” or “intelligence”. they are on the matter of “artistic” value, so are basically talking about a completely different matter than us.

    you 50 cent quote proves that pretty well. they are all successfull, their work is of low artistic value: pdiddy, 50 cent, shep, jay z … etc but that does say nothing about their artistic value. hell, even soulja boy, flo rida and camillionaire are successfull and those are the worst rappers in history when it comes to skills and artistic value.

  28. I like it – You get 2 prints in one

    One with Cash on it and the other with Woody Guthrie picture in it !
    That’s value !

  29. the sad part is that this is just a photoshop picture and he looks that horrible. We all know he didn’t draw the face. with that said, it would be great to see the original picture. i never realized how f’d up his face looked.

    I am sure there were better pictures he could have used.

  30. It’s up

  31. Its still up

  32. And still up…..

  33. and still sitting there

  34. Way high on the top shelf

  35. at Shep Flipper:

    You said it perfectly, “recreates them”. Yes, that is what he does, he creates and composes to come up with something that is visually stimulating and appealing.
    No, I do not agree when he takes another piece of art and doesn’t alter it in any way but most of his work has his artistic touch and vision, that without, would look like the sh*tty source file that they originated from. The reason so many people are drawn to Fairey’s work is because it is so visually stimulating. You can’t deny that he is talented at composing art work.

    And yes, you fell for it because this guy wasn’t even known before he started trying to pick a fight with one of the biggest street artists in the game today. He’s whoring himself.

  36. and its still up …..

  37. @iratasan

    so some folks are saying shepard’s artistic value is wack or clouded because he uses other peoples pictures and translating that to his own work? i can see how some folks might think he’s a fraud, but who cares he produces quality work and that’s all that matters. the only knock i give him is that he doesn’t give enough credit to the original photos, BUT the reason why he tries to keep it secretive is because if he did then hella folks would know what he’s doing. there is no need to tell the world if he is working within the guidelines.

    EVERYONE would be doing it the same IF they found some secret way to make money or produce something people liked. folks just hating because they didn’t think about it first and now they sour.

  38. I haven’t seen a limited edition print last this long in years… still up.. no one cares…

  39. This junk actually sold out. And the Immigration series was up for a lot more time, Mr. Welfare. That was just last week. You were off by a few years. :rolleyes:


  40. thanks for clearing that up Mister Hall-Monitor!


  41. boo..

  42. I can see why its such a hot seller ha ha!

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