Anville’s Animal Collective Poster (Onsale Info)

Looks like one of the most exciting young print artists we cover (Anville) has teamed up with one of the most exciting bands in America (Animal Collective) for a concert poster.  This one is a stunning 20″ x 26″ screenprint, has an edition of 115, and will only be $26 shipped.  They go up today (Monday, May 18th) sometime between 11am-12pm CST.  Visit

PS:  Anville also has a number of insane variants available for this one (some on chrome, some hand-colored, some with white highlights by hand, etc).  To inquire about purchasing, shoot him an email.

14 Responses to “Anville’s Animal Collective Poster (Onsale Info)”

  1. Looks excellent in person, a must buy if you like Animal Collective or Anville’s work. Trust me, the chrome version is DOPE.

  2. i like it, except the girl looks weird and there’s no panda bear

  3. yeah, the girls proportions are disastrous.

    other than that and a few iffy glyphs, it looks good.

  4. I love it. I think the girl looks great, especially her legs and face. The animals rock!

  5. she has a rather large head, yes. but word

  6. I like everything but the girl who’s a bit wonky.

  7. I like that group too, Swarez! And I miss you….like the deserts miss the rain…

  8. I hate it when an artist takes something form the name of the band, in this case “animal” and bases the design off of it. Do we have to be that literal?

    And yes, it is a travesty to not include a Panda Bear. Maybe then I would believe the artist is truly familiar with the group.

    Other comments:
    -Girl looks like Sookie from True Blood except with a bigger head.
    -Font usage is borderline horrendous

  9. If you guys played the “which animal doesn’t fit” game, you would lose horribly. To add a panda bear, for the sake of AC’s affiliation with them, would make the print look dumb.

  10. archer, what exactly is the meaning behind the poster, then?

  11. Sorry to be nasty but I think that’s poor. The girl, the use of type, the colour, the compostion. I love this site and love many of the prints on here but I don’t like this at all. Each to their own I guess.

  12. To me, the girl looks great…a super hero, who’s features are distorted on purpose, like a caricature, while the animals are fairly realistic…reminds me of a cartoon I would have watched in the early/mid 80s. A panda bear may have been too easy.

  13. meatloaf, I didn’t imply that I “understand” the print…what I was saying was that the animals on the print look cool as they are and adding a panda bear would look wrong and, to quote zonaea, be too easy. I’m in the camp that thinks being literal has its benefits (hence, my approval of the collective of animals) but who disagrees that being literal has to mean being completely obvious. I didn’t mean to sound condescending…I just get annoyed when stellar prints get ripped on.

  14. i dont like this

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