“Minosu Travels” Art Print by Huck Gee

Huck Gee will continue his Gold Life series with a new print release today.  “Minosu Travels” is a 12″ x 16″ giclee (plus border), has an edition of 100, and will be $75.  These go up today (Friday, May 15th) at 12pm PST.  Visit his Ebay Store.

Via Vinyl Pulse.

17 Responses to ““Minosu Travels” Art Print by Huck Gee”

  1. tight! i need to get one of this.

  2. sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

  3. i like his last two WAY more.

    I also like night / day print as well. (this is decent)

  4. Are Huck Gee prints pretty easy to score?

  5. absolutely no – usually it’s a matter of seconds….

  6. Even though it’s an edition of 100?

  7. his others lasted just around 30 seconds

    i think a lot of people will buying these to TRY and flip

  8. that are 20 more than his last release but i don’t think that they will last very long

  9. actually, pretty easy…

  10. on sale now

  11. 15 left

  12. i got one! OMG! POSTERS! I can’t believe it!

  13. Meatloaf, Congrats, sounds like you haven’t been luck buying prints??

  14. God his art is crap, recycled and dull. Just bring on his 20″ Dunny already!

  15. Yeah, I have a hard time buying stuff…probably becuz of my connect

  16. Sold Out.


  17. and I suppose dunnys aren’t recycled, dull and crap? How many times can you sell the same figure? But this time it has SHOES!!!

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