Jeff Soto Interview, Pictures, Etc.

This post will present you with a ton of awesome press that is circulating around Jeff Soto’s new show at Stolenspace London.  First of all, you can read a great interview with Jeff and see a few preview pics at Arrested Motion.  Secondly, you can see pictures from the show opening (really awesome) at Juxtapoz.  Lastly, you can see Jeff doing some “street” work in London at Arrested Motion.

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  1. His print for the show is for sale already at just a heads up! 4 left.

  2. Man I wish I could afford originals. Until that day arrives, Nature’s Splendor needs to be made into a print. How about it Jeff?

  3. Weird, said it was sold out now 9 prints are left?

  4. yeah, i saw that too… weird.

  5. They probably had some set aside for the opening that didn’t sell.

  6. I just scored one and its almost 8 pm east coast time. I cant believe that I actually got one this late. Im so psyched. Confirmations and everything. good thing I looked. I think there are still 6 or 7 left too.

  7. This is really cool. Soothing yet creepy as hell too.

  8. There is a recent interview with Jeff Soto in in HUCK Magazine. You can view it online too. (

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