“Inland Empire” Art Print by Jeff Soto (Onsale Info)

To coincide with his new show, StolenSpace Gallery will be releasing a stunning new art print by Jeff Soto later this week.  “Inland Empire” is a huge 21.5″ x 29.5″ screenprint, has a small edition of 65, and will only be £75 (about $115 at the current exchange rate).  These will go up sometime during the day on Friday, May 15th.  Keep an eye on StolenSpace.com.

Via Clutter.

6 Responses to ““Inland Empire” Art Print by Jeff Soto (Onsale Info)”

  1. this is a sick print for a great price!!! As long as shipping to the US isnt expensive.

  2. This mother is already up and at this moment there are 21 left.

    Got it for about $135 shipped to US.

    Good luck if you want it!

  3. Just scored one! 3 left!

  4. FUCK!

  5. Apparently they have 10 more from somewhere… maybe they’ve throttled the release??

  6. snagged one. bought this mainly for investment reasons since there’s only 65 prints.

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