The Return of PNE!

PNE, aka Post Neo Explosionism, aka the biggest deal in concert posters in quite awhile, is ready to return to the scene.  If you’re not familiar, PNE is the moniker for collaborative efforts between Emek, Jermaine Rogers, and Justin Hampton.  If you’re new to the scene, these three artists did some poster series’ together, and it was pretty groundbreaking.  Anyway, the first thing they will do together is release some sticker packs (sets of 22 high-quality, large, die-cut stickers (7 by each artist plus a logo)).  These go up on Friday, May 8th at a random time between 2pm-5pm EST.  Then, in the near future the group will release their first collaborative art print.  I will keep you posted on all of this, but until then, check out the new site at

10 Responses to “The Return of PNE!”

  1. Sweet!

  2. This is big!

  3. Is each sticker signed and also numbered?

  4. 7 minutes left or they are LIARS!

  5. Of course as soon as I post……

  6. Really surprised these aren’t sold out yet. I guess everyone just gave up. FINE WITH ME!!!

  7. yeah. I almost passed seeing the price tag of $85. But then saw those 3 special add-ins were all LE screenprints, not stickers.

  8. I also read it that all the stickers are variants of the other stickers with purple instead of black. I think it’s a steal and people are gonna pissed when they realize they’ve slept.

  9. I am SO SAD that I didn’t realize the implications of this sale…

  10. I kept debating and then went for it and bought the set. I’ve bought too many things, including sushi, in the $85 range lately, but oh well. Yum and awesome. I have a HUGE dent on the side of my car that I’ll never fix so I’m going to add some of these stickers to the few I already have covering it. Art and collision, yeah.

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