“Peace Bomber” Art Print by Shepard Fairey (Offset Version)

This is certainly an interesting move.  Obey Giant will release Shepard Fairey’s “Peace Bomber” art print in a 24″ x 36″ signed, open-edition offset version.  While not exactly the image I would’ve chosen, I think it’s rad that they are opening up an edition so that everyone can finally score a print.  These will be priced at $35 and will drop on Thursady, May 7th at a random time.  Visit ObeyGiant.com.

26 Responses to ““Peace Bomber” Art Print by Shepard Fairey (Offset Version)”

  1. I think Shepard Fairey is finally getting it. Have a limited run for collectors/flippers and a open for fans. I hope he will do this for the Obama prints and keep the numbskulls for shelling out thousands for a print and not an original piece art. j.m.o

  2. wtf…this is punch in everyons face who is doing silkscreen posters.imo this is the most ugliest on earth!!!!!35$ for such a crap.

  3. Boycott!

  4. i am not a fan of the unnumbered release, kinda seems sell out.

  5. I also dont like the offset prints. Those $uck.

  6. offsets rule. It gives us lame a¤*es a chance to finally own a print with the rest of the cool kids. This reminds me of getting bullied in high school by the jocks

  7. Let it out Ricky…….

  8. Thanks Moog, I think some Newcastle and 7 and 7 will help me get over my high school punk days

  9. im considering wasting my wall space for this print

  10. @Ricky – Good man – Its a world behind you ! Were are here for you and Shep will do an anti bully campaign if he feels it will get as much attention as the Hope did ! He’s all about campaigns now you know.

  11. If you just want an image to be oh-so-cool, use the Rasterbator and get on whicher life!


  12. Tool …You are such a Tool

  13. i like open edition offsets it gives everyone who wants one a chance to get one. maybe i don’t get it but to me it’s like you don’t have to spend 65 million on a van gogh for your room to enjoy it. if it means something to you and you don’t have the money go to the mall and buy the poster.

    it’s like, i have the offset if you want the original buy it for more off ebay or a aftermarket website.

    i just hope the quality is better then the “obey ripped” and “lesser gods” “more milliterry” offsets in the past. the lines were jagged like it was enlarged from a thumbnail image.

  14. This new one looks much better than the original

  15. Open edition = VERY COOL

    Everything doesn’t need to be a rare limited expensive investment. Thanks!

    Wahhhh… there’s no money to be made on this piece. Wahhhh… I can’t buy it and flip is on eBay. Wahhhh… Haha :)

  16. flipping obey prints is so 2008. The folks who flip prints must really be hard up for cash. Now if you got hold of a banksy and flipped it then their is some cash to make.

  17. ricky, how do you get banksy?

  18. How the hell does being able to buy an Shepard offset remind you of getting bullied by jocks in HS?

    Sounds like you deserved it.

    Anyways, I don’t like open editions.

  19. I’m really bored by all of you people.

  20. Wow Aric, Sounds like you got bullied yourself. The point that I am trying to make is I know getting prints is pretty tough and those who land them come across like some elite.”ha ha I got a print and I am going to flip it and make an extra $50.00″ you know just lame. It’s not like I got thrown in the trashcans in high school but bothered by jocks for being punk. We would get chased down and spit at, garbage thrown at us, vandalized our lockers etc. When I met Shepard at Borders for his book signing at borders (way before the Obama prints) we talked about old punk records for about an hour. He knows his sh*t and knows where I come from.The only reason why most do get prints is because A) They have a fast connection B) They have too much time to waste. Let everybody enjoy getting a print. That is my final two cents

  21. the ripped offset was awful, i don’t even want to put it on my wall!!! hope this one will be better quality.

  22. A better question:

    Why weren’t the Obey Immigration (signed/numbered) prints posted on this site?
    Too controversial?

  23. Well Amy, Shepard Fairey’s fans are mostly white college kids living on mommy’s and daddy’s money. You do the math

  24. Amy… probably because those prints kind of sucked. Although i purchased all 3…. lmao


  26. Dude put this on a shirt for men in black and white and you got a deal

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