“My Dishonest Heart” Art Print by Audrey Kawasaki (Onsale Info)

You know, it’s just been too long since Audrey Kawasaki released a new art print.  Luckily, she is planning to do just that.  “My Dishonest Heart” is a 9.5″ x 10.75″ giclee, has an edition of 200, and will be $100 (or $235 in a beautiful, archival frame).  These go up Saturday, May 9th at 12pm PST.  Visit Audrey-Kawasaki.com.

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  1. I really really hope I can get one of these. I’m a big fan of her work. Question for those who got a print from her website already. Is it hard to score one? Compare it to Shep’s website…which as we all know sucks.

  2. for those who ordered before, is it worth buying the framed version? the price difference is $100+ more so i’m curious what you guys think.

  3. Well i havent ordered before, but in my opinion the frame is worth it, the painting can be extremely good but the frame gives it a lil something sometimes. It makes the pic highlight.thats my opinion thou
    sorry for the crappy english

  4. I would say it’s worth it, depending on how much framing usually costs for you.

  5. Wizdom – I’ve gotten a couple. Its about luck and patience. Her site can handle the load unlike sheps, so the prints will sell out in literally about 6 seconds. Make sure you use the refresh button built into the site, not the one on your browser.

    Wass – Its up to you, typical framing jobs if they are done with quality run me between 200 – 500 easily. This is with nice frames, mattes and masterpiece glass. The framed pieces I have received from Audrey’s site have been plastic made to look like wood, no frame, and acrylic instead of glass. Its a cheaper solution than getting your own frame (if you are doing it proper) and you are going with one the artist picked out. But it may not be as quality and you might be able to find a frame matte combo you like better on your own.

  6. err…that should day the fame is plastic made to look like wood and no matte….

  7. DO print usually go onsale exactly on time??

  8. Yes, the prints usually go on sale exactly on time. As Shapps mentioned, the whole thing will be sold out VERY quickly too.

  9. thanks Shapps, will definitely give it a try

  10. it is gonna be a short slaughter as always. 6 seconds? nope. this will as always be soldout at exactly 12.00.01 H. i’ll join the fight. good luck to everybody, you will need it.

  11. I have gotten framed versions of “Wish you were here” and “tear me” both sold out in seconds, but do infact go up at the exact time mentioned.
    Shipping usually takes a little longer then you would expect but are packed with care.
    She also tracks emails and edition numbers in hopes of preventing flippers from buying from her.

  12. I live in California and have an amazing framer who would frame that matted with uv acrylic…glass is bad in earthquake county and it is heavier on the wall. My guy would prolly only charge 85 bux for something that small and it would by all acid free and uv protected with a mat or spacers.

  13. Here’s the info on the frame, from Audrey’s email:

    ~conservationally framed with UV-coated acrylic
    ~frame personally picked out by myself
    ~beautiful dark black molding with a hint of red
    ~acid-free backing and spacers to allow the print to breathe

  14. what type of shopping cart does her website have?

  15. Do you keep on F5ing or does the button automatically appear on time?

  16. do not F5 it. If you do you will miss out. You have to be registered on the site before hand then when you go the page for the sale, use the update button. If you hi that the link to but will appear at noon

  17. so frame or no frame? lol. i like the design of the frame but is $135 some what expensive? i remember buying a frame ages ago that cost me $100, but the item i had framed was much bigger than her print.

  18. jenn c, who is your framer? / where?

  19. I go to diamond framing on sunset. I also know this independent framer who does amazing work.

  20. Does anyone have an idea of how much shipping will be with the frame vs. without the frame, based on a previous purchase?

  21. Sherman Oaks Custom Framing in Sherman Oaks on Ventura near Woodman. Ask for Juan. Tell Juan Jennifer sent you. I can get you a 35% off coupon if you want, too. He gave me a small stack for friends. He is really great. Independent framers are the way to go.

  22. Hey, Jennifer, I would like one of those coupons, if you have any more extra.

  23. Hey mitch could u send raul my email addy?

  24. Done.

  25. Thanks man!

  26. okay that was dumb lol. 12:01 sold out

  27. it was sold out WAY before 12:01……. about 6 seconds!

  28. exactly..dumb lol.

  29. didn’t get one… story of my life.

  30. im sure there were less than 200 prints sold online. no way can u sell out 200 prints in 6 secs.

  31. it was less than 200, but it could have still sold out in 6 seconds… considering none of the 5 people i know got one (including myself).

  32. I read somewhere that only 150 were made available today. But it did go really quickly as usual.

  33. Got one… First time ever! I always miss out prints, dunnys, doesn’t matter. Im so stoked. Not bragging just really happy.

  34. Congrats to those who scored. Her site is a well tuned machine and I was prepared to miss it. Oh well! Win some a lose some.

  35. anyone else got one?

  36. I missed it i refreshed it showed a time of 12:00:03 and had the purchase button which i hit as soon as it popped up and bang sold out. At least I knew in 5 seconds i was not getting one unlike Obey stuff where my order would go thru then get refunded. So i don’t mind spending less than a minute of my time trying. I’ve got 2 of her prints so i’m happy even if those are both the time released pieces i’m stll happy.

  37. anyone want to sell their print? it’s the only print I’m in love with and i can’t find it for sale anywhere! Please let me know :)

  38. If anyone wants to trade their dishonest heart print for one of audrey’s newer prints pls contact me! this one speaks to me more than any of her prints and i cant seem to find it anywhere!

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