Five New Concert Posters by Todd Slater (Onsale Info)

Todd Slater has been on a really consistent streak lately, pumping out some of his best poster work ever.  He has FIVE new posters going up later this week:  Ben Harper, Death Cab For Cutie, Mogwai, Kings of Leon, and The Tallest Man On Earth / The Mountain Goats.  All of the posters will be $30 each, with the exception of the Tallest Man poster, which will be $25.  There will also be variants of the Mogwai and Kings of Leon posters.  Everything goes up Thursday, May 7th at 2pm CST.  Visit

5 Responses to “Five New Concert Posters by Todd Slater (Onsale Info)”

  1. I really like the Mogwai print.

  2. yea moqwai one is sick

  3. wow, these are great!
    they really stand out.

  4. all amazing. jeebus slater, you rule.

  5. Only half this post was required to blow me away. It will only be after years of physical therapy and recovery that I can read the other half of this post. Please don’t do anymore work during that period. Thanks.

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