New Nakatomi Invitational Print / Shirt: Jon Vermilyea’s “The Brood”

Well with a new month comes a new invitational print and t-shirt from Nakatomi Inc.  This month’s artist is Jon Vermilyea, who you may know from making Animal Collective’s “My Girls” video.  Anyway, “The Brood” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint available in standard and Chroma-Depth 3-D versions (the 3D version actually comes with Chroma-Depth glasses!).  The regular print is $40, the shirt is $20, the shirt/print combo is $50, and the 3-D variant (limited to 30) is $50.  Remember, this stuff will only be for sale during the month of May, then gone forever.  Visit

3 Responses to “New Nakatomi Invitational Print / Shirt: Jon Vermilyea’s “The Brood””

  1. Awesome to the max!

  2. Basil Wolverton anyone?

  3. Yup. There’s an interview w/ him up on Nakatomi where he spills his inspiration, and Wolverton is on the list!

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