Kevin Tong’s Printing Process (Mogwai Poster)

Kevin Tong just posted a seriously epic and ultra-informative set of photos to his Flickr account.  The set chronicles Tong’s process of printing his upcoming Mogwai poster.  We are talking 74 pictures with meticulous notes.  If you are at all interested in the screenprinting process, this link will interest you to no end.  Also, you should probably start bugging Kevin about those test prints NOW, those should be pretty scarce.  Visit

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  1. That’s was a really good read

  2. That

  3. Sweet

  4. Fantastic! I kept wondering what the heck went on to make my walls look awesome. Kevin Tong is 100% talent. I hope to buy more of his stuff soon. Discovered him back with those Tom Waits prints and I bought each one.

  5. Utterly buttery great read…..
    I realized I will never make such posters as I don’t have the attention to detail required.
    what a great read – Thanks you for all the work / write up on the photos.

  6. One of, if not the best process threads ive ever read…

    This dude can’t seem to help but constantly hit it out of the park lately…keep it up Kevin!

  7. This is great! Can anyone tell how he has the screen rigged up to pull up after a print – is it just a weight on a pulley?

  8. Oops just got to that image…

  9. Very cool. Thanks for documenting your process.

  10. Thanks for the niceness Jennifer, though I am actually 30 % talent, the rest is sawdust filler and organs.
    I am glad you all enjoyed this process. I really wanted to show people what many poster artists, not just me, have to go through. My once beautiful hands are now strife with wear and burden!

    I plan to do some more process stuffs, so stay tuned!

  11. […] Kevin Tong’s Mogwai poster that caused quite a stir over here when we linked to the process photos can now be purchased.  This is a 14″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 100, and is […]

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