Gary Baseman at Corey Helford Gallery

Gary Baseman’s show at LA’s Corey Helford Gallery will be the talk of the town for quite some time to come.  The opening featured costumes, carnival games, an animation real, performance art, and more.  The Arrested Motion crew was there to document the madness.  Please note that the second link (the one with the opening festivites) may be a bit NSFW.  Check out pictures of the work HERE and photos from the opening event HERE.

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  1. Okay – I live in LA and I never know when these shows are until it’s too late. Is there a list of local LA galleries so that I could get on their mailing lists? Any suggestions? Ones that aren’t too pretentious as I’ve had some bad experiences trying to go to galleries in some parts of town, ick, prentension, couch, couch. I know that Esao Andrews is doing a show out here in October which I’m totally psyched about. Any other tips?

  2. oh yes, I was there… this was most deff a one of a kind event! Pure madness

  3. Jennifer -Sorry you missed the opening night festivities. But you check OMG posters and that’s half the battle. At we try to inform you of these events early and post previews and info before most of these LA shows. So put us on your google reader/rss for updates.

    Hopefully you can rely on OMG posters and Arrested Motion to keep you up to date on going- ons in the art scene. -T

  4. That was a crazy show. People were off the hook, but I was well behaved.
    Hi Jennifer,
    Arrested Motion is definitely the source.
    A few good galleries are Black Market in Culver City (there are a few galleries in that immediate area), not far from there is the Billy Shire Gallery, and 1988 Gallery is awesome.

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