Some Brad Klausen News

Brad Klausen just sent me over some news regarding two amazing new posters.  First up, he sent a picture of his poster for an upcoming Mogwai show in Buffalo.  These just came off the press at D&L (they haven’t even been trimmed yet!), and will be available online sometime after the show.  Also previewed is his poster for this weekend’s Flight to Mars show in Seattle.  As always, impressive stuff from Klausen.

10 Responses to “Some Brad Klausen News”

  1. i like this. it’s pimp. whats up with mogwai and having mad up thugged out posters. hail satan!

  2. Mogwai has so many good posters because they put a really smart person in charge of their tour series (me)!

  3. you are killing it with these series….the Flight of the Conchords series has been great as well!!

  4. Cool job admin – Can you get some classic’s in there such as a conklin or mouse or would that not suit their style.

  5. yeah shoulda known. well im down, and looks like they’re in SF here shortly, might go check em out!

  6. Mogwai is well on their way to ruling the world.


  7. Get back in that hammock!!

  8. I wonder when we get some more info on the Klausen/Vedder poster collaboration for the upcoming Vedder tour?

  9. So Mitch, how does that work, being in charge of the tour posters?

    They just tell you how many different ones they need and you go to work finding artists?

  10. Mitch is the leader keytarist in Mogwai, that’s how it works.

    The is super awesome. The colors are blinding. I’ll bet this Klausen can be seen from space.

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