“Harem Girl Zhenya” Art Print by Jonathan Viner

Jonathan Viner, truly one of the best artists working today, has a new art print out.  “Harem Girl Zhenya” is a 12″ x 12″ giclee, has a tiny edition of 20, and is $$90.  If you’ve never seen Viner’s prints in person, they will blow you away.  The hand-applied varnish layer makes them look like originals.  Visit VinerStudio.com.

Depending on your boss, this one may be a bit NSFW, so go to the site to see the image.

2 Responses to ““Harem Girl Zhenya” Art Print by Jonathan Viner”

  1. Viner’s prints are, indeed, amazing.

    Potent stuff.

  2. Amazing artist

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