Daniel Danger Mogwai Pictures

Oooooh, so much for the day off.  Daniel Danger just sent over some pictures of his Mogwai posters, hot off the press.  There are three versions, not sure on numbers yet.  These will be available tonight in Boston at the show, then online through Daniel’s site and Postersandtoys.  For now, enjoy!

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  1. Oooo, nice.
    I think I will either wait for an art print (as the “Mogwai” text is a little too noticeable for my taste) or look forward to the Andrew Bird one.

  2. I agree. I want an Art Print version. The middle one is smokin!
    I want the Andrew Bird too.
    DD is one talented, dark and twisted dude!

  3. there were only 10 of each colorway at the show, they sold out in 3 minutes and there were lots of people bummed out. Next time DD might consider having a few more at the show……..just sayin

  4. That’s not really up to him, it’s up to the band.

  5. i had nothing to do with it. had they asked for 100, id have brought 100. but they asked for 25, so i gave em 30.


  6. could we be given some type of headsup before they go online? I was one of the bummed out people who didn’t buy one fast enough…

  7. Amazing work as always Danger. Was able to pick up the set at the show.

  8. i didn’t realize the band requested only 25, also did not mean to point any fingers. Hopefully when they are up online anyone who missed their chance at the show will grab one.

    and yes…….my father my king……that was quite epic

  9. Any chance of these being available for sale online?

  10. MC, if you read the post, I promise you’ll find that information.

  11. epic show last night! walked in 30min after the doors opened to find these were already sold out. kind of disappointed, but hopefully DD will hook up the online sale. reallly want this one.

  12. How much were they at the show?

  13. $20, a steal.

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