A Day Off…..

Well, it’s a VERY slow news day, so instead of trying to scrape up some posts, I am going to take a day off.  I will likely write a post or two this weekend, but will be back in full force on Monday.  Hope everyone has a great weekend, cheers!

18 Responses to “A Day Off…..”

  1. enjoy!

  2. You deserve a break, nice one.

  3. ROCK ON

  4. Thanks for ruining friday mazn. have some sweet tea and a chikn wang.

  5. Now THATS an image I can get behind!

  6. Well deserved, have a good one man!

  7. take a load off.
    Happy weekend.

  8. Always amazed at how prolific you are. A rest well earned. And Providence has never looked so…tropical!

  9. ha! I would so order this hammock print

  10. haha, at first I thought someone made a hammock print.

  11. P.S. Jay Ryan has a couple new FOTC prints up.

  12. This is an outrage ! We don’t pay you to lay on a hammock. Get up and get to work.


  13. speaking of a day off…

  14. I could use one of those.

  15. If Shep did this hammock print I would say its a sell out and not sure if I made it past pay pal,,

    as its not – chill

  16. Enjoy!

  17. What?! What am I supposed to do at work today? Work?

  18. LIAR!

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