“Died Young, Stayed Pretty” DVD Available

After making a brief run through the film festival circuit, “Died Young, Stayed Pretty” is finally available on DVD.  If you’re not familiar with this film, it’s a documentary about the current rock poster scene and it features a ton of great artists (Rob Jones, Tyler Stout, Jeff Kleinsmith, etc etc).  For a limited time, […]

New Art Prints by Alex Pardee

Alex Pardee has just posted two brand new art prints, surely some of his most interesting work in awhile.  “The Delusionist” and “The Day I Killed My Father” are both 17″ x 22″ giclees, have editions of 200, and are $40 each.  Visit Zerofriends.com. Via Creep Machine.

“Drop Sequence” Art Print by Snowblinded (Second Edition)

Anthony Cozzi (aka Snowblinded) got caught a little bit off-guard when his “Drop Sequence” print sold out in less than 24 hours, so he decided to offer up a small second edition.  Just as before, this one is an 18″ X 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 48, and is $30.  Visit Snowblinded.com.

Josh Keyes at David B. Smith Gallery (Teaser Images)

Arrested Motion posted some pretty amazing teaser images from the upcoming Josh Keyes solo show at David B. Smith Gallery in Denver.  Check out all the images at ArrestedMotion.com.

Jeff Soto at Stolenspace London

If you are in the London area, you are seriously in for a treat next month.  Starting May 14th, Stolenspace Gallery will host “The Inland Empire”, a brand new collection of work by Jeff Soto.  The show will feature over 20 new paintings and a large-scale outdoor installation.  If the preview images below are any […]

Ferg’s Jamungo Gohst Squadt Figure (Updated Link and Onsale Info)

I already covered this amazing toy last week, but I thought I’d do a quick write-up to remind everyone about the release, plus provide you with the correct link.  These go up today (Monday, April 20th) at 12pm CST.  They are limited to 100 pieces and will cost $65.  Visit the special link at Jamungo.com.

Abraham Obama Lenticular Film Poster by Ron English

Jetset Graffiti just launched a film poster for Abraham Obama.  This 18″ x 24″ print was created with a special process to make it 3D and give it depth.  There are two colorways (both pictured in the animation below).  They are limited to 500 each and cost $80 (this price also includes a free copy […]

“Vote Anarchy” Art Print by Rhys Cooper

Following the success of his “Vote Chaos” print, Australia’s Rhys Cooper has created a worthy successor.  “Vote Anarchy” is an 18″ x 27″ screenprint, has an edition of 200, and is $35 shipped.  There is also a glow in the dark “I Believe in Anarchy” version which has an edition of 50 and a price […]

“The Reluctant Woodsman” Art Print by Dan Grzeca

Wow, two days, two amazing Dan Grzeca art prints.  “The Reluctant Woodsman” is a 17.5″ x 23.5″ screenprint, has an edition of 175, and is $30.  Visit his Etsy Shop.

Arik Roper’s Pelican Poster

It’s pretty rare that Arik Roper does concert posters, and this one is particularly great.  If you’re not familiar with Roper, put his name into a Google search, he has done packaging for a ton of great heavy albums.  This one is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 100, and is only […]

New T-Shirts by Nate Duval

Nate Duval was hard at work last night hand-printing new t-shirts galore.  All four new tees are available in men’s sizes s-xl and are priced at $19 each.  Visit NateDuval.com.

“Awaiting” Art Print by Lori Earley

Creep Machine just pointed out a lovely new art print by Lori Early.  This one has an interesting story behind it, as the original was actually stolen from her recent solo show.  It’s an 11″ x 14″ giclee, has an edition of 50, and is $150.  Visit LoriEarley.com.

“Gumball” Art Print by Vault49

Vault49 is celebrating seven years of existence with an excellent deal on this new art print.  “Gumball” is a 19.5″ x 25.5″ screenprint for only $30.  The first 50 prints ordered will be made with glow in the dark white ink.  If you’ve never seen their work before, look around a bit, I bet you’ll […]

Candykiller Cards and Joe Scarano Prints at Letter Pressed (Onsale Info)

Letter Pressed is hitting a pretty big milestone today, it’s 25th artist series card set.  Their newest two releases include a set of cards by Candykiller (edition of 500, $7.50 each or $25 for five) and “Old Timey Cat”, a new art print by Joe Scarano (5″ x 7″, edition of 50, $20).  This all […]

“Broken” Art Print by Jeral Tidwell

After laying low for awhile, Jeral Tidwell just re-emerged with this insane new art print.  “Broken” is an 11.5″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 100, and is $25.  Pick one up at Humantree.com.