Loads of New Stuff by Dan Grzeca

Dan Grzeca just made a really impressive update to his shop today.  The new stuff includes original artwork, monoprints, an XL version of his “Reluctant Woodsman” art print, and a brand new poster for Mogwai (which may be his best concert poster in quite some time).  Take a few minutes to check out his Etsy Shop.

11 Responses to “Loads of New Stuff by Dan Grzeca”

  1. Well, I wanted to hold off, tried my best, but couldn’t resist the large “In Silence” 10×30 Original…I’ve always loved the print, yet still have not picked one up, and figured this was even better.

  2. great stuff, dan-o.

  3. Damn Zonaea, great pick-up. If I had that cash, that is what I would have gone for, love the image.

  4. Good luck receiving these. Dan has still not fulfilled his obligation when he sold originals for 135.00 a pop from over a year and a half ago.

  5. I’m pretty sure he has, actually. Plus, a commissioned original is alot different than a print. Take your Grzeca bashing elsewhere, I’ve got no time for it.

  6. Honestly no bashing Mitch, just the truth.

  7. i’ve bought a couple of pieces from Dan now and found him fantastic to deal with and my stuff has always got to Australia well packaged and in a timely manner. If the exchange rate would get a bit better or K.Rudd’s stimulus package would actually arrive anytime soon, i’d have the Dirty Three scratch board he’s got up in a snap. I’m waiting for Dan to do an art print of the coyote on the Low poster … that would be awesome.

  8. still waiting for my original. i really love his work but will not buy anything from him (directly) anymore.

  9. All of the posters I’ve ever bought from Dan have always arrived. One batch took a little longer, but he always replied to emails.

  10. Dan’s not such a bad guy, he has an awesome raincoat. And yeah, let’s keep the bashing down, this ain’t expressobeans.com, behave yourselves!

    I love Dan’s Mogwai. So cool. He’s always got his own thing going on.

  11. Not that anyone will read this, but if you are worried by the reports on EB about not getting Dan’s prints, don’t believe the hype. Received my original and some nice bonuses…could not be happier!

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