“Flower Vine” Art Prints by Shepard Fairey (Onsale Info)

Are you ready for your daily dose of Obey Giant website madness?  Well, you’re in luck, there’s already another new Shepard Fairey release scheduled for today.  “Flower Vine”, available in Red, Black, and Black/Red colorways, is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint.  Each colorway has an edition of 100, and they will be $45 per print.  These go up today (Wednesday, April 29th) at a random time.  Visit ObeyGiant.com.

74 Responses to ““Flower Vine” Art Prints by Shepard Fairey (Onsale Info)”

  1. LOL I love how people laugh at the prices of the flippers. Yet the obey fans are thestupid ones that buy them for that price. And it’s just okay artwork at best and it’s not even anything original, I think the joke is on you obey fans and not the flippers.

  2. Isn’t that what Shep puts on his posters ? All the world’s grievances? It seems that everybody that did not get a print they are getting stressed out and ripping out their hair about it. Just read some of the posts and it is down right pathetic. I am just trying to say “its only screenprints people”

  3. “only screenprints”???!!!!!
    How dare you. Someone ban this foo!
    haha 😀

  4. gah yu guys are losers

  5. Geez what a bunch of whiners. Get a freakin’ grip. Didn’t mommy and daddy luv you enough when you were a child?

  6. I dont see why anyone cares either way. Yea they are just posters, but on the other hand, Why cant this douche bag fix his site?

    I have never tried to buy a print from Mr. Fairey, and I never wil. I dont really care for his stuff but thats my opinion. If everyone has such a problem with everything why dont you try an old fashioned boycott? Dont go to his site, dont buy his merch, prints, clothes, tc, and certailnly dont buy from the flippers.

    There is no reason why ANY print should be $500 the minute after its sold out.


    Maybe I should make up some prints of that slogan and sell them for like 2 bucks. Any takers?

  7. If there was a “boycott”, no one would have anything to complain about. Easy.

  8. I am down with a boycott in front of SNO on Sunset. Shepard is the man now. Down with the man now

  9. @ TOOL, exactly! It is that easy.



  11. LAME ASS PRINT!!!!

    No surprise though, it’s been kinda down hill for a while now.
    see what happens when you get big? Do don’t have to care. All the while YOU sheeple buy this bullshit right up.

    And before you talk trash, i got dozen plus of his work (all bought before most of you had ever heard of GIANT)

    You know the prints that are worth a shit. those prints.

    Otherwise there are too many better artists/designers to support out there. With much better work as well.

  12. these prints are lame .. i agree … the elephant one was ok .. but since then nothing .. im over this ..

    anyone recommend a cool up and coming artist ? ..

  13. Top of his game is Josh Keyes !


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