“Flower Vine” Art Prints by Shepard Fairey (Onsale Info)

Are you ready for your daily dose of Obey Giant website madness?  Well, you’re in luck, there’s already another new Shepard Fairey release scheduled for today.  “Flower Vine”, available in Red, Black, and Black/Red colorways, is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint.  Each colorway has an edition of 100, and they will be $45 per print.  These go up today (Wednesday, April 29th) at a random time.  Visit ObeyGiant.com.

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  1. i wonder if anyone can help me

    im in south africa and 9 hours ahead of the US… what kind of time do they usually drop these . i know its random .. but i leave work at 5:30 which is around 8 am … and ive never seen one on sale that early .. anyway .. if you have any ideas.



  2. booooo

  3. These really are lame. He really has exhausted all creativity.

  4. @dylan
    it is random but they usually don’t drop earlier that 2PM/3PM EST
    the print is decent, will probably give it a try

  5. i like these. What would everyone like to see him doing? More KNock off propaganda prints?

  6. Be nice with all three

    Its just good old wallpaper

    Also @ Dylan and Wizdom – the Love unites piece came out at 11.30 PST so they really are random.

    The only trend I have seen is that they drop on the hour or half hour.


  7. I tried MANY times and NEVER seen any ‘available’. I don’t even know which screen is the correct screen if any were available before they are SOLD-OUT!

  8. Scott,
    hop in his store and keep hitting refresh, you will see the paul mc. posters replaced with these as soon as they are available. only 100 of each, so will prob be sold out in 15 minutes/

  9. Yeah, i have seen them drop at 11am, 11:30, 12pm, 3:00pm and 3:30pm.. I think these are all the times they drop prints so just check em one by one. u should get one, although these kinda suck, and i dunno which one i wanna grab for myself..

    Do i go red/white, black/white. or black/red.. I think BLACK/RED is the coolest, but not as vibrant as the whites..





  13. this f**king website!!!!!!!!!!!


  15. i swear, shep has this site on lock for the print world’s mucky muck mafia…somebody explain to me how the largest, most popular distributor of limited screen prints can’t maintain a functioning, user-friendly website…so frustrating…

  16. man this is so lame

  17. Same story. Different day.

    Why get all excited?

  18. Money

  19. i was on the site constantly refreshing right when they became available with no troubles whatsoever, then, you hit “buy” or “add” or whatever, and everything goes to hell…a;ldfjl;asdfh;lasdhfl;asd

  20. did anyone get one yet?

  21. not yet

  22. not working for me!

  23. I mean, why act like this has never occurred before?

    I don’t get up at sunrise and thank deities.

    Getting upset at the website is sooo old.

  24. site is dead

  25. Christ, that’s bad. The whole website is now a question mark in the left hand corner of the screen.


  26. such a joke

  27. can’t even get through to LOOK at the damn thing….

  28. it’s not about it “never” occurring, it’s about it CONSTANTLY occurring. you’d think the prick would use some of his COPIOUS amounts of money to establish a decent, functional, checkout system. it’s a joke.

  29. anyone able to snag one at all?

  30. authorization is needed now ???

  31. authorization required…lol

  32. you guys getting the username and password prompt?

  33. If it was any easier, there would be more people attempting to get it.

    We’ve got moronic persistence and time on our side.

    I don’t see what the fuss is about.

  34. got one in my cart as soon as they went up. did the paypal then was on the last step and site unavailable. fuck it.

  35. I haven’t been able to purchase a print since ‘viva la revolution’…. its been well over 4 months since that print was released. I don’t even get excited about these drops anymore. Its always a major pain in the ass… I end up spending an hour pounding the site, trying to not get caught by my boss and usually ALWAYS walk away with nothing. Its kind of a natural assurance.

  36. the password prompt will be taken off if there are still copies available i think. They just dont want to oversell

  37. It seems if they have locked the store down
    Also get automatic reload !
    Makes life easier with Obey

  38. i’m fussing because i can think of numerous productive things i could be doing right now, but this is the first obey print i’ve wanted for months and months yet the website STILL has issues.

  39. lets hack the password lmao
    I tried


    doesnt work

  40. i only like the pattern prints he does and would be happy with just one of the black and white colored ones

  41. Come on I want to see more demand for them, so I can get more money on ebay for em.

  42. authorization required…flippers only !

    I was thinking about grab one for resale/easy money, but as always…no way…never managed to buy a print via the online store…

    Bah I stiil can have a look at the only Obey print I own (Mujer Fatal, bought quite expensive on Ebay) : that’s enough to make me happy :-)

    Have fun keeping refreshing etc…

  43. site is back up

  44. whoa i think i got one

  45. sold out! I was close… but yet so far.

  46. i had my order declined lol…i think it went through once it sold out

  47. Shiiiiit
    I had 2 in the card a black and red and 3 times got to paypal and …..oh the same old story

    Lets all tell it again.

  48. I got a confirmation number and stuff. does that mean i got it?

  49. DAMMIT! had it in my cart and through to the final page and it went out of stock. they need a better system!

  50. @Nick: If you got a email, you’re pretty solid; even if you didn’t see an order completion screen.

  51. well the paypal info goes to my girlfriends email so i havent seen the email but im looking at the confirmation page and the money is gone out of paypal.

  52. and flippers are already posting it at $375… HAHA, good luck getting that! its not that great of a print!

  53. … same old story… not sure why I try!

  54. @gin
    $500 even….SAY WHAAAAT!?

  55. lololol 450 or 500 bucks buy-it-now on Ebay !!!

    I’ve submitted 30 $ as best offer…maybe the flipper will hit wrong button 😀

  56. Rage. I added obey’s twitter since they were good about posting the McCartney print when it went up but nothing for this one. FFFF.

  57. this print isn’t even exciting. what’s the difference between this print and other floral prints? the fact that obey’s website is retarded as hell, i won’t even bother getting these since i know all i’ll get is headaches.

  58. this shit is getting old real fast. it used to be fun to “try” to get a print now this shit is LAME!

  59. Man, 1 out of 10 people are in poverty or at least going hungry tonight , We are losing jobs left and right and Obama has let us all down big time. The last thing you pansies should be doing is crying about some boring prints. I have seen at least 20 good prints in the last three days here. Give it a rest and man up.

  60. @Chuck D: Give me a break, this is a poster site, not a soapbox for the world’s grievances. If people are annoyed they couldn’t get a print it doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t have a scope of what’s important in life. Chill out.

  61. LOL I love how people laugh at the prices of the flippers. Yet the obey fans are thestupid ones that buy them for that price. And it’s just okay artwork at best and it’s not even anything original, I think the joke is on you obey fans and not the flippers.

  62. Isn’t that what Shep puts on his posters ? All the world’s grievances? It seems that everybody that did not get a print they are getting stressed out and ripping out their hair about it. Just read some of the posts and it is down right pathetic. I am just trying to say “its only screenprints people”

  63. “only screenprints”???!!!!!
    How dare you. Someone ban this foo!
    haha 😀

  64. gah yu guys are losers

  65. Geez what a bunch of whiners. Get a freakin’ grip. Didn’t mommy and daddy luv you enough when you were a child?

  66. I dont see why anyone cares either way. Yea they are just posters, but on the other hand, Why cant this douche bag fix his site?

    I have never tried to buy a print from Mr. Fairey, and I never wil. I dont really care for his stuff but thats my opinion. If everyone has such a problem with everything why dont you try an old fashioned boycott? Dont go to his site, dont buy his merch, prints, clothes, tc, and certailnly dont buy from the flippers.

    There is no reason why ANY print should be $500 the minute after its sold out.


    Maybe I should make up some prints of that slogan and sell them for like 2 bucks. Any takers?

  67. If there was a “boycott”, no one would have anything to complain about. Easy.

  68. I am down with a boycott in front of SNO on Sunset. Shepard is the man now. Down with the man now

  69. @ TOOL, exactly! It is that easy.



  71. LAME ASS PRINT!!!!

    No surprise though, it’s been kinda down hill for a while now.
    see what happens when you get big? Do don’t have to care. All the while YOU sheeple buy this bullshit right up.

    And before you talk trash, i got dozen plus of his work (all bought before most of you had ever heard of GIANT)

    You know the prints that are worth a shit. those prints.

    Otherwise there are too many better artists/designers to support out there. With much better work as well.

  72. these prints are lame .. i agree … the elephant one was ok .. but since then nothing .. im over this ..

    anyone recommend a cool up and coming artist ? ..

  73. Top of his game is Josh Keyes !


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