“End of the World” Art Print by Jacob Bannon

It’s been awhile since Jacob Bannon has dropped a new art print, so this is kind of a nice surprise.  “End of the World” is a 19.5″ x 39″ screenprint.  Both the red and gold versions have editions of 100 and are priced at $30 each.  Move quickly over to DeathWishInc.com.

10 Responses to ““End of the World” Art Print by Jacob Bannon”

  1. Got a set. Now, it’s in BEEFLOAF’S court.

  2. Wow those are huge!!!!!
    Nice details in background

  3. I had one of each in my cart and forgot about them once the Obey prints dropped. Went back later and they were sold out. Dang IT!!!

  4. i did the opposite…i bought these and didn’t try for the obey prints…

  5. yeah gimme a break. obey = pfft. why the fuck does deathwish never send emails to their list peeps. fuck that.

  6. I was so pumped when I saw these up today. Id much rather get a Bannon print over a Fairey print. SO much easier and Deathwish rules to begin with.

  7. Too late as always. I love the 2 Bannon prints that I do own.
    I also wish Deathwish would send out notifications about these along with their newsletter that they regularly email out.

  8. It said they shouted it out on twitter. I have personally seen notifications on myspace at times too, but how many social networking sites does one really need?

  9. I’ve been waiting for this for months and months and months and it was gone by the time I got there. DAMN.
    All those wasted hours refreshing the damn forum, front page etc.
    WHY do they not send out messages? Arrrrgh.

  10. …And some suckers got them on ebay right away ….. and i bet they didn’t recived it yet !

    SUCKS !

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