“Boba” Art Print by Christian Waggoner

I occasionally have to throw the Star Wars fans a bone, so here you go.  The Star Wars Shop has officially commissioned Christian Waggoner to create this (I’ll admit, pretty awesome) new art print.  “Boba” is a 13″ x 19″ giclee, has an edition of 195, and is $125.  Visit StarWarsShop.com.

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  1. Thanks for the bone…this is pretty awesome.

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  3. Measurements: 13 inches by 19 inches (image size 12 inches x 12 inches)

    looks like the paper is 13×19, the print is 12×12, probably worth clarifying.

  4. BTW the edition is only 95 not 195.

  5. After looking at the site I realize d Iam a moron . Ihave the canvas which is only 95 in the edition and runs about $365. The print posters might have alot more and the price listed above is correct at $125.

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