“APE” Art Print by Print Mafia

After a pretty nice streak of music-related art prints, Print Mafia are back to tackling film.  “APE” is a 13″ x 20″ screenprint, has an edition of 60, and is $25.  Visit the Gigposters.com Classifieds.

7 Responses to ““APE” Art Print by Print Mafia”

  1. They won’t stop till the make art out of every cool clip art/ movie still ever made. They haven’t done cobain yet, i’m sure they can make a few dollars off his image.

    My friend did a image of Kiss and the Beatles in high school some 3 years ago. One he actually drew by hand. I had a art buddy that seen it last week and says Print Mafia already did that.

    I think they should pick a subject, stop being all over the board.

  2. Meatloaf – Now this is for you !

  3. no way! PM do they thing, and they do it oh so well. We all have our niche and they do what they do really well. i love it.

  4. I feel the need to keep saying it so that the PM people see their fan base…their style is dope. People shouldn’t even bother with the beefloafs of the world.

  5. @not a fan is right. Print Mafia are just taking ‘cool’ pop culture images that they had nothing to do with creating, color them in a neat way and sell them to any willing dupe.

    If you put up one of these in your place, you’d magically morph into a sucker, like in old time cartoons.

  6. @Precious Roy….look at it this way. There are some icons in pop culture that are oversaturated on the college poster market (a la Hendrix, Lennon, etc.), making them feel completely unoriginal to everyone else. But dammit, sometimes you just want to listen to Hendrix, and sometimes you just want a Hendrix poster, and Print Mafia provides a smart alternative for people like me who are not embarrassed to show “cliche” roots but seek more creativity in art than the standard film or music poster provides. Just because they didn’t create the cultural image doesn’t mean they put their own style to them. They’re like DJs. They build on the past to create something fresh and new, and I for one, approve.

  7. Archer – I like that line “They build on the past to create something fresh and new”. Shit you should be a publicist or something. Thanks for the kind words. Some get us, some don’t. There’s room for both.

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