Jay Ryan’s Bonus Art Prints for the Gigposters.com Book

Jay Ryan just got around to printing his three art prints that will accompany preorders for “Gig Posters Volume 1:  Rock Show Art of the 21st Century”, the first book by Gigposters.com.  While they last (there are 300 of each), one of these 10″ x 13″ screenprints will come with every book order (random assortment of the three).  The books are $40 each plus shipping, but if you order three books, you will receive all three prints (at $134 shipped, this is a steal).  For more info about the book and prints, visit Gigposters.com.

7 Responses to “Jay Ryan’s Bonus Art Prints for the Gigposters.com Book”

  1. I’m really quite impressed that my Arab Strap poster got included in the first print. Nice touch.

  2. I knew I should of bought 3 of them but didn’t really have the cash at the time. Now I’m kicking myself for just getting one…

  3. do people really think these prints will be that sought after that they should drop 130 bucks on the books to get them?

    i’m a jay lover but that seems silly

  4. I would think they people that buy them (like me) probably buy them because they like them that much, not because they “will be that sought after”. Plus, you get three books, give two of them as gifts.

  5. I really like them, and I like the small size too, but its nearly $200 to get the package to the UK. Reckon I may try my luck on evilBay. More smaller prints please Jay!

  6. i get what you’re saying mitch. if you had friends that would dig these as gifts sure that makes a good deal. but in this day of economic yuckiness 130 bucks is a lot and to say it’s a steal is overstretching, in my crazy opinion (imco)

    i have my geepee book ordered and my jay sub payed for so i’m happy.

  7. Yeah, that makes sense, you’re probably right.

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