“The Mushroom Hunter” Art Print by Joe Sorren

Yes, this print is very expensive, but it is also completely awesome.  Joe Sorren’s “The Mushroom Hunter” is an 18″ x 18″ giclee, has a tiny edition of 12, and is $650.  It comes framed and ready to hang.  Visit JoeSorren.com.

Via Creep Machine.

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  2. Yeah, I’m not feeling this one either. I don’t like the green mat and gold frame particularly. I never like to buy prints framed because a big part of the fun is choosing mats and frames with my framer who does an amazing job every time. I like the idea behind this piece, but I’m not feeling the execution. It feels a little flat to me, I think.

  3. like this image, not a fan of paintings turned into inkjets

  4. I have to agree with Jen C about the frame. It feels too “stuffy”, like it should hang in some old manor, though I do like the image.

  5. Joe Sorren is kind of a rip off of Bob Dob

  6. I consider Joe Sorren a highly trained and disciplined fine artist. Bob Dob? Not so much…

  7. Gotta agree watersbrad. I don’t think their styles are similar at all.

  8. I think its the other way around.
    Bob Dob graduated from Otis in 2001, and Joe Sorren had his first solo show in 1995.

    This interview from LCS shows that Joe Sorren is also on Bob’s list of influences.

    I don’t really seem them as that close anyway, very subtle similarities.

  9. My wife and I are mushroom hunters, so this would be perfect for us.. just too expensive. I actually like the framing choice. The mat has a really cool wooden look to it. Morel season starts this weekend..

  10. I think its a sweet image – Very soft and child like face.
    Of course I think the price is way to high but good luck to him.
    I also do like the framing – it looks alike a silk matt board and I kind of like the idea that the artist chose the frame and matt to suit his piece – kind of extension of their art.

  11. There is a recession going on…just sayin’.

  12. I like it, think frame looks good as well. Agree though with price, a little to high for me personally but then again it’s only a run of 12, maybe that is why.

  13. giclee’s are wack

  14. This is some kind of demented shroom trip; completely frightening. I could never hang this on my wall, but that’s just me 😉

  15. What are the alternatives to giclees?

  16. Tool: well what started the giclee was Iris Prints. The problem is they have limited sizes, and the inks dont last as long as the new printers can do.

    I guess if you dont want giclee prints, there are screen prints, gocco prints and so on.

  17. Why not make this a stone litograph?

  18. *lithograph

  19. strange but… really nice!

  20. i wish i was cool enough to leave an artsy comment but im not, kinda new to the world of prints…like the painting but overall i dont like the whole piece, . .

    but mushrooms rock so 1 thumb up

  21. This is just another example of Joe’s sweet genius…there’s no one that comes near him and he is alone in his world. Anything that looks remotely like his work is just a derivative clone of him.
    The image is wonderful…the frame and mat are just a “safe” choice for such a small edition, that’s all.

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