New Concert Posters by Methane Studios

As usual, Methane Studios have been cranking out the goods.  Their newest batch of posters is pretttty stunning.  Some of them are already up, while others will go up shortly after the shows (meaning the Mogwai poster should be up today, hopefully).  Also, if you’re a Dave Matthews fan, you should probably just camp on the Methane site all day (the posters go FAST!).  Visit

3 Responses to “New Concert Posters by Methane Studios”

  1. Where do I find the first poster (The National) on the Methane site? I’ve been clicking around, but haven’t found it.

  2. It’s not for sale yet. The show is May 27, so it should be up May 28.

  3. finally snagged the National print. been waiting forever for it. awesome show in Toronto.

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