Exclusive: Daniel Danger’s Mogwai Poster

Daniel Danger just sent over his new Mogwai poster and wow, it is reallllly good.   There will be two colorways (no word on numbers yet) of this 12″ x 24″ four color screenprint.  There will be some available at the show in Boston, then online afterward through Daniel’s site and Postersandtoys.  For now, enjoy the eye candy!

Oh, also, in case you missed it, here is another new stunner by Daniel Danger.  This one is for Andrew Bird’s Euro tour.  No word on availability yet, but I’ll keep you posted.

20 Responses to “Exclusive: Daniel Danger’s Mogwai Poster”

  1. DD, so hot right now. Those both look great.

  2. looks great! would love to see this as a art print…..

  3. these are ridiculous. love em.

  4. Where does he find the time to do this fantastically wonderful spectacularly stupendous just plain awesome work?? Constantly mind-blown by everything he does.

  5. Supah Noice

  6. Amazing. If that green one came out as an art print, I would buy it instantly. Usually he does that, so here’s to hoping…

  7. Also, he will be doing a Flight of the Conchords poster soon.

  8. Love the Andrew Bird

  9. these are amazing!

  10. Love these, especailly the Andrew Bird. The Mogwai reminds me of Jay Ryan, not really sure why. It’s certainly not a bad thing

  11. What Boston show? When is it? Where is it?

  12. well shit, i am going to said boston show, so im gonna have to get a hold of this shit

  13. Uhhh the show the poster is for.

  14. Wow, this is really something. It’s cool to see DD trying new things. I love the colors on the Mogwai and the composition of Andrew Bird is amazing.

  15. great stuff

  16. I’ll take the Andrew Bird, without the text, in 18 X 24 please.
    Love his stuff. I have his “..and I don’t even like to be seen..” in blue and it’s darkly beautiful in person.

  17. got tickets!~! totally pysched… cant wait…

  18. going to the boston show as well. can not wait, especially since its a reschedule and i had tickets to the last show too.

    will definitely be picking this one up, maybe both

  19. I really like these. So glad there’s no one floating off into the air!

  20. Haha, I like the floating figures. It depends on the piece, but it’s one of Daniel’s trademarks.

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