“Rhin-o-ctopus” Etching by Brandon Dunlap

After an amazing reception to the etching I posted last week, Brandon Dunlap sent me over the info about another one he had packed away.  “Rhin-o-ctopus” is a 20″ x 24″ etching, has an edition of 10, and is $85.  To purchase, shoot him an email.

5 Responses to ““Rhin-o-ctopus” Etching by Brandon Dunlap”

  1. oh snap! gotta go to CoinStar and pool cash ta get this.

    always good to see someone keeping etchings alive.

  2. I loved the last etching he did and how nice it was to deal with him. I will be sure to purchase more of his work in the future. As soon as I can scrounge up some more money.

  3. Love it, can’t afford it

  4. Dammit, pachyderm/cephalopod chimeras are *my* thing.

  5. Of course I’m bias because Brandon is a really good friend of mine, but these etchings are a fucking steal at $85. Brandon’s work is detailed and interesting and this simple, but still splattery image both of these and then some. I can personally attest to the superbly printed nature of this beast, it’s lovely up close and in person.

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