Abraham Obama Lenticular Film Poster by Ron English

Jetset Graffiti just launched a film poster for Abraham Obama.  This 18″ x 24″ print was created with a special process to make it 3D and give it depth.  There are two colorways (both pictured in the animation below).  They are limited to 500 each and cost $80 (this price also includes a free copy of the DVD).  Visit JetsetGraffiti.com.

22 Responses to “Abraham Obama Lenticular Film Poster by Ron English”

  1. nice piece but i’d like it a lot more if it didnt have that text at the bottom. i cant figure out how to add both prints to one order. shipping seems a bit much, 20 or 45 too.

  2. I agree with you on the text. They couldn’t have gotten a little bit more creative with the font at least? Seems a bit rushed to me. I do dig it though.

  3. Due to popular demand, I just added a Buy it Now button for both prints; so you can buy them together without paying double shipping.

    Thanks for the support everyone!

  4. Are these signed? Who signed them?

  5. Hi danny boy!!! We miss you.

  6. weakest sauce ever!

  7. milking it

  8. Yawnnnn Vegas called and wants you back.

  9. Why are you thanking people for support when nobody wants to do business with you?

  10. Lahoda fine arts is a scammer don’t support Daniel’s scams. – probably trying to raise money to fight legal counsel from Phish from his most recent attempt to sell unauthorized copies of Hampton prints.


  12. please update the page so this is not on top anymore…its driving me crazy…


  13. haha, phisto

  14. What’s this all about?


  15. Hah! Lahoda has got some balls. From what I’ve heard Phish is going to sue him back to his parent’s basement. They aren’t taking what he did very lightly and things are about to get real tough for old Danny-boy.
    Hey Danny, Things often get quiet before a storm. It is about to start raining!

    They aren’t some ebayer that you can scam…he messed with Coran Cap$haw. Hah ah ah ah ah.

  16. I doubt Phish are even aware of anything you’re talking about.

  17. I’ve always been given the best customer service from Daniel Lahoda. He has always gone out of his way to make things right. From my experience I have never had any problems. I will continue doing business with him because I appreciate the art he provides and the service he delivers. Good Luck Daniel. Dont let them get you down.;

  18. Like the image, don’t mind seeing other versions of it. And yes, checked, and they are all going to be numbered and signed.

  19. Wow Lahoda. That is golden….a comment singing your praises signed by the Ecuadorian national goalkeeper. Hmmm….who else has a connection with Ecuador?
    google yielded the answer rather quickly

    According to Daniel Lahoda, director of Equator Gallery in Boston, there are two kinds of Hispanic collectors. One is “the type of collector who wants to get back to his roots,” he said, referring to buyers who look for traditional images that relate to their culture, beliefs and country of origin.

    The art may make’ subtle religious, social or political statements. “The People Who Come and Go,” by Ecuadorian artist Eduardo Kingman, is a good example. This long, horizontal painting shows a group of feet, as one might typically see at the local market. Some of the feet are finely clad. others are bare and battered. It’s a visually striking image on one level. On another level, Lahoda said, it’s a strong commentary about “the marginalization of indigenous people.”


  20. I keep seeing people going around the forums and bashing this guy! Id like to think that for every hater there are a few guys that vouch for someone putting out good work and trying to run a small business…If the guy is working with these artists that means they vouch for him and I guarantee these are the very same artists that these forum bashers are obsessed with. Find another hobby so the people that actually love this stuff don’t have to read your childish trash.

  21. …by the way “whino,” the only thing I dislike more than people who pollute my culture with negativity is ignorant futbol fans…The great goalkeeper you are referring too spells his last name Cevallos. Seriously man, your validity is non-existent and you need to quit before you make a bigger fool of yourself. And for such a well versed google researcher, you would think that you would know that Jose, Francisco, and Zevallos/Cevallos are quite common names in Latin America…idiot.

  22. Don’t take our word for it. Google his name. Daniel Lahoda is an infamous internet scammer with a long and checkered past. From his early days scamming people on BMW forums, thru the undelivered prints on the Banksy board and Obey Giant board, violating his contract with Krunk, and now the Phish suit. They guy is a real scumbag.

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