Mark Ryden’s “Micro Portfolio 5 – The Tree Show”

Ah, I’ve been waiting for this one to come out.  Mark Ryden’s newest Micro Portfolio will feature fifteen 5″ x 6.5″ postcards depicting paintings from The Tree Show.  At only $12.95 for the set, this is pretty much a must-purchase, a perfect entry into Ryden’s mind-blowing imagery.  These go up today (Thursday, April 16th) at 8am PST.  Visit

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  1. i’m the happiest girl in the world – a ryden microportfolio that i don’t have to break the bank on

  2. epic

  3. so are these gone now?

  4. Looks like it’s out of stock right now, but I’d imagine that this will be an open run.


  6. these sell out on last gasp too? I check about 8:30 pst and after adding to cart it said out of stock

  7. Shapps

    I am pretty sure it hasn’t gone up on Last Gasp yet….just the “place holder” right now….

  8. Open run or limited? THeres no word on that.

  9. My guess is “limited” in some respect, like 20,000 or something in the first printing, but probably will be reprinted once those sell out like most of Last Gasp stuff

  10. lastgasp still has them. just ordered one.

  11. They are due to arrive at our warehouse this week, most likely, and will begin shipping next week (after 4/27). There are a lot of orders, so expect a bit of a delay if you were not one of the first to order it. We’ll do our best to get them out to you all. I’ve seen an advance copy and the set looks great. The first printing is 10,000 copies, and a reprint is possible. Please ask your local independent retailer to stock this and other books by Mark Ryden.

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