Ron English’s “Abraham Obama” DVD

Jetset Graffiti is now selling the feature-length documentary about the art campaign that surrounded the last presidential election, “Abraham Obama”.  It features Ron English, Shepard Fairey, Sam Flores, The Date Farmers, and more.  Pick it up for $20 at

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  1. Avoid Jetset Graffiti. I’m still waiting on prints and a refund from 2008. Daniel Lahoda will not reply to my emails and will not refund my order. AVOID JETSET.

  2. Is there anywhere else to obtain this other than JSG. To much neg chatter about these folks, I hear it every time the name comes up..

  3. Shit storm is a brewing…

    You can buy it Upper Playground…

  4. Hey Joe,

    Stop trolling all of the blogs. It’s getting old.

  5. I ordered one of the Abraham Obama DVD’s today; the actual day that it was released, and it was delivered BY HAND this afternoon! Less than 5 hours after ordering. Ha!

    The dude that dropped it off said he was in the neighborhood running errands and took the time to find my apartment and drop it off. I guess I’ll be among the first to see it. I’m totally stoked!

    Awesome customer service. Can’t wait to watch this tonight!

  6. You are not the real Hank, get your own damn name! =)

  7. Looks like this/these trolls have a tendency to steal other peoples names to try and add legitimacy to their claims.
    Pretty sad if you ask me.

  8. Watched it last night, and it is AWESOME! The parts with bigfoot bombing are hilarious… Gives alot of insight into the whole art for Obama campaign and the people behind it… Great road trip movie… Definitely recommend it. Great cast of artist’s/characters… Kind of hard to follow the storyline, but if you take it as a jackass road trip movie, it satisfies.

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