“Bad Ideas” Art Print Set by Luke Chueh (Onsale Info)

Silent Stage Gallery will release a set of two classic Luke Chueh images today.  “Bear With A Gun Hand” and “Bear With A Knife Hand” are both 11″ x 14″ giclees, have editions of 100, and will be $135 each.  Both go up today (Wednesday, April 15th) at 1pm PST.  Visit SilentStageGallery.com.

8 Responses to ““Bad Ideas” Art Print Set by Luke Chueh (Onsale Info)”

  1. wow…. these are awesome!!!!!!

  2. yup purty killer. kinda pricey for 11 x 14s but you can call me cheap these days………….

  3. i wish they were bigger. they look sweet!

  4. Great art, but always pricey.

  5. Lukes work will only rise in value…

  6. I dunno know about that…he’s at a very critical point in his career. He knows he’s kinda pigeonholed himself into animals and I think that the WOW factor isn’t what it used to be. If he keeps this style up, he might get old like JLED, or if he doesn’t and comes up with a new style everyone might hate his new stuff and his career is over. It’s all speculation at this point, but right now he’s exactly where Evan Hecox was last year, and look at him now.

  7. Pretty sure Evan Hecox wasn’t doing covers for #1 albums.

  8. i’m a huge fan of luke’s work and as the owner of the original bear with knife i’m pretty stoked that it’s been made into a print – it is a great image

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