“Together” Art Print by Philip Lumbang

Remember Philip Lumbang, the guy that put out that awesome panda print the other week?  Well, he’s got another adorable art print available.  “Together” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 33, and is $55 shipped.  Like his last release, Lumbang has hand-drawn the faces on the animals, making each print totally unique.  Here is a little story about the characters that he wanted to share:

“Once upon a time. There was a bear, he wasn’t the brightest bear around and was rather clumsy. One day he went into the forest to gather some food for his family and fell off a tree. Thats when he saw the bunny or rather, that’s when the bunny saw him. She was a very kind and beautiful bunny. At first, they would just talk and have fun in the forest, till one day the bear got up enough courage to ask the bunny out. Courageous indeed, for they were too different from each other and the other animals in the forest may not accept them together but he didnt care and at the time she didn’t either. The bunny was happy to say yes, and for the first time our clumsy little bear was truly happy; this is where our story begins… “

To purchase, just shoot him an email.

7 Responses to ““Together” Art Print by Philip Lumbang”

  1. i believe the faces are printed on. there are a few at a higher price point where he hand paints the faces.

  2. yes, the prints with hand-painted faces are $105.


  3. Eh, it’s not that special. I ordered the “Mathematics” print and was dissapointed when it came.

    It was printed on glorified card stock and his “hand painting did not cover the penciling underneath. To top it off the short edge of the print where it was cut was rippled.

    Sure hope he does a better job on this release!

  4. yup, there are only 4 hpms, only 2 available and i think they have both sold! woot woot!


  5. I saw these first hand and they are sick!

  6. Phil + Ernesto = Success

  7. This guy is super nice and he is passionate about art and his place in the community. Buy it from him!

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