Horseman Etching by Brandon Dunlap

Brandon Dunlap just sent me over the info about this really amazing etching he made awhile back.  It’s 15″ x 18.5″, has an edition of only 13, and is $65.  To inquire about purchasing, shoot him an email.  To see more of his work (including an awesome screenprint), visit

8 Responses to “Horseman Etching by Brandon Dunlap”

  1. Sweet.

  2. Wow… that’s ART!

  3. Oh heavens!! That’s radness.

  4. Love it!

  5. This is pretty amazing and Brandon is a cool dude. I support this for sure.

  6. Yeah Brandon slayed on that horseman etching. It looks amazing in person!

  7. the flesh of warriors burns away yet the skeleton of war is sustained.

  8. […] an amazing reception to the etching I posted last week, Brandon Dunlap sent me over the info about another one he had packed away.  […]

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