New Daniel Danger Art Prints (Onsale Info)

Daniel Danger is set to drop an apocalyptic load of new art prints in his store later today.  This should total around 10 new prints, including everything that debuted at his Richard Goodall Gallery and G1988 shows.  There will also be some A/P sets and variants available.  He is going to open his store “around” 2pm EST today (Monday, April 13th).  Visit

25 Responses to “New Daniel Danger Art Prints (Onsale Info)”

  1. Epic.

  2. “remember” is one of the more interesting one’s ive seen from him in awhile. i’d like to see more interior spaces.

  3. Daniel is very dangerous

  4. when dd? when?

  5. We are all waiting and horny. Please launch

  6. I’ve pressed F5 like 4 times already

  7. up up up and probably gone gone gone

  8. score

  9. I got an SQL error, but it took my money from Paypal. Anyone get this after confirming order?

  10. It’s open!

  11. yup me too, looks like we are the only ones who are interested :-)

  12. snagged – nice

  13. I got the SQL error too. Got my confirmations anyway.

  14. “i didnt hear you arrive, i didnt hear you go” is just beautiful! Got one!

  15. I’m surprised “don’t touch” is still available

  16. I’m always surprised about that too, meatloaf.

  17. Was on the fence about a few at G1988, picked them up this time…8 new DD prints total…hope my bank account can handle this decision lol

  18. man, i wish i could have got in on “i didnt hear you arrive, i didnt hear you go” … that one looks great.

  19. It’s still available:

  20. Got ‘sink to the street’ and ‘parking lot’ which were the two I was really wanting. Can’t wait to receive them!

  21. Got “sink to your city streets” as well. I heard it’s quite dark, but I love the feel of the piece. What’s the parking lot one?

  22. Nevermind, I just missed those words since they are near the middle of the long title, hah. I picked up those two as well!

  23. I got “sink to your city streets” last week up at G1988 and its definitely my favorite of all of this new batch. It is dark but the blue really stands out.

  24. Heh sorry Mach, DD has such long titles, I usually name them with whatever is in the middle. :)

  25. :)

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