Integrity “Sandra Good” Print by Florian Bertmer

Here’s an awesome new print by Florian Bertmer for the hardcore band Integrity.  The image is based on Sandra Good.  It’s a 15″ x 25″ screenprint, has an edition of 66, and is $35.  Visit

22 Responses to “Integrity “Sandra Good” Print by Florian Bertmer”

  1. you guys are completely nuts.this has no connection to fairey’s stuff’s got to with charles manson and the process church(check out the backround logo)

  2. I never said its has any connection. All I said was that it merely made me THINK of Fairey. I love Bertmers stuff waaaaaayyy more the Faireys. I also think that Florian is a much better then Fairey.

    I actually have a bunch of Bertmers stuff and NONE of Faireys stuff. And like omw said, It was like Bertmers Hagakure print that a bunch of people said looked like something Horkey would do.

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