Integrity “Sandra Good” Print by Florian Bertmer

Here’s an awesome new print by Florian Bertmer for the hardcore band Integrity.  The image is based on Sandra Good.  It’s a 15″ x 25″ screenprint, has an edition of 66, and is $35.  Visit

22 Responses to “Integrity “Sandra Good” Print by Florian Bertmer”

  1. Lovely, except I don’t like the crack. I’m sure it has something to do with the point of the poster or the band, but I may have purchased this otherwise.

  2. Thought it was a Shepard Fairey reply / diss at first. Still kind of comes off that way.

  3. I’m with machination.

  4. I really don’t see how this could possibly have anything to do with Shepard Fairey. Explain.

  5. I thought it had something to do with Fairey too. The background looks a bit Fairey-esque. FIrst thing I thought of when I saw it.

  6. The background colours do not match Fairey’s usual work, and this seems to be more intricate and suggestive.

  7. You guys are getting crazy. Fairey works in broad wallpaper patterns. This has a hardcore detailed, hand-drawn background, and is also very dark. If you see a Fairey print with a background full of hand-drawn tentacles, let me know.

  8. yeah this has nothing to do with faireys or anything like that. gah. florian’s stuff is actually waaaaay different, like the only similarity is that they are both into screenprints……..think photoshop vs drawing stuff……

  9. I’m not saying it’s a rip off. When I saw the pattern and the middle eastern dressed woman along with a single word caption , it made me think of Fairey’s recent work that had similar themes, with a “HOPE” style caption at the bottom. It just read as a parody to me initially. If there was no mention of a hardcore band, I would still think it was a sarcastic spoof. “INTEGRITY” , with the girl’s ass hanging out.

  10. People are just paranoid. I bet if it was an official “spoof”, so to speak, it would sell out in 30 seconds. Anyway, very nice print and indeed very different from what Shep is doing. I don’t like the crack either.

  11. asscrack 😀


  12. this looks nothing like sheps work..

  13. Shepard Fairey is the same as Obey Giant

  14. ummm ok i think ass crack(s) are really getting a lil too much hate in this thread. lets all take a step back and try to settle down here. shep is an asscrack. but remember the excellent saturday night live skit about ‘coin slot cream’ with lindsay lohan. ahh yes, there we are, we’re back to reality. k awesome

  15. Integrity rules. I bet the detail back round work on this print is amazing. Anyone who is familiar with Florian and the work he has done with Integrity, Converge or Agoraphobic Nosebleed knows that his stuff has nothing to do with Shep and is not even close.

  16. systems overload.

  17. OOOOkkkkaaayyyy. I was just saying, as was Konakazi was saying, that it simply reminded me of a Fairey-esque print. Not that it was EXACTLY the same thing. It has a Fairey feel to it, imo.

  18. Florian destroys Fairey

    Just wanted to let that be known among the Faireywagoners.

  19. Yeah, Konazaki is onto something here. The first thing I thought of when I saw this was ASS. The second thing was Peace Woman. Bertmer is mad talented and i don’t think that suggesting he’s doing a bit of a piss-take of other artists (remember how Hagakure reminded people of Detritus and/or Pushead?) takes anything away from how awesome he is.

  20. i have the shirt of this print. serious business.

  21. you guys are completely nuts.this has no connection to fairey’s stuff’s got to with charles manson and the process church(check out the backround logo)

  22. I never said its has any connection. All I said was that it merely made me THINK of Fairey. I love Bertmers stuff waaaaaayyy more the Faireys. I also think that Florian is a much better then Fairey.

    I actually have a bunch of Bertmers stuff and NONE of Faireys stuff. And like omw said, It was like Bertmers Hagakure print that a bunch of people said looked like something Horkey would do.

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