Mark Ryden “The Tree Show” Special Edition Exhibition Book

Porterhouse Art is about to drop another ultra-deluxe Mark Ryden package.  The special edition of “The Tree Show” is a hardcover book with over 130 full color images.  It comes signed/numbered in a clamshell box covered in fine Japanese silk.  The box also contains some “vintage souvenirs” including a pin, a bookmark, a pennant, and a micro-portfolio postcard set.  The whole package is limited to 500 and will cost $395.  They go on sale Thursday, April 16th at 8am PST.  Visit

5 Responses to “Mark Ryden “The Tree Show” Special Edition Exhibition Book”

  1. In this economy? LOLOL

  2. The economy isn’t so bad for some. Especially for Ryden fans. It will still sell out in minutes. This is a great set.

  3. This is a great set but I agree, the price tag is pretty heavy for these times. I would rather just spend $40 on the book…I wouldn’t even display the other stuff anyway.

  4. If I had the money for this I wouldnt even open it. I would probably just wind up hiding it away somewhere.

  5. I just tried buying the postcards, which are far more reasonably priced, but postage to the UK is $35. No way.

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